Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rap That Doesn't Suck-Tombstone Da Deadman

I was born in 1972 and I have seen music in the United States go through many phases. I have always had diverse musical taste and have loved heavy metal, glam rock, new wave, rave & folksy stuff that makes me wanna belly dance just to name a few. Rap seems to be what it's all about now and though I loved it when it first hit I have seen it take what I think is a turn for the worse.

What was once a music of the celebration of youth or a testimony to the truth of class discrimination in our “land of equality” has become; in my opinion, the hymns of modern day consumerism. It seems to me like what was once a vehicle for challenging the “haves” has been transformed into just another tool to sell something to the “have nots.”

“Your life sucks? You need a Bentley! You to can be seen as powerful by your peers by just allowing yourself to become another debt machine, work horse like Mr. & Mrs. Suburbia.” We are all equal when we are equally in debt.

Or how about this:

“What you need or what you need to be is a “HO!” Come one come all! Let the conquest of women lulled to sleep by the same commercialized, ambition numbing, junk food for the ears that you are give your life meaning!”

Hate the system? SLAP A HO!

Can't get a decent job in this joke of an economy we are all subject to? FUCK A HO!

Can't go to school & let your guard down long enough to actually learn something because inner city schools have been left behind by those who see children elsewhere as a wiser investment? That's right...A “HO” can fix all your problems. HOW? By distracting you with other problems like child support because they don't teach comprehensive sex education in the school where you met her!


I have one...you have one...and that “playa” over there has a few. How successful he must be.


But wait...What it this?

From the ashes of this once great music that DARED us not to care there emerges a new voice. A voice of reason and logic. A voice that will NOT sing the praises of the all mighty material thing or be distracted by the LIES the mass media perpetuates with its repetition and corporate funding.

That more CRAP = more success.

That conquest of the opposite sex is a healthy substitute for making waves that might effect a real change.

And most of all...

Tombstone Da Deadman

YouTube handle = rationalwarrior

To download some of his art for free with his consent click HERE.


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  2. Rat. War. puts knowledge in his dope