Friday, March 23, 2012

Antis Smearing Me PZ Myers Thread

When I came to youtube I didn't know nearly as much about feminism as I thought I did and; of course, I had never heard of the men's rights movement. I knew that men faced injustice of their own and made a video giving my thoughts on it early on called, "How does the patriarchy oppress men?"

It was around this time that I met an anti-porn feminist who turned out to be EXTREMELY racist that went by the screen name DianaBoston. She went on and on about how horrible the MRAs where but honestly she went on and on about a lot. Well, I am a Humanist first and a feminist second so I figured if there were men who were being oppressed I wanted to know about it. We as women share this world with them. They are our brothers, fathers, lovers and friends. It is in this spirit that I set out to find out what it was all about.

I befriended a couple and speak about that in great detail in the video just below. Basically, I gave them a chance and they didn't give me a chance. I went into those friendships with them as MRAs only to find that when I did not meet their bigoted view of what a feminist was they would just deny that I was one. I found this extremely insulting and broke off those friendships. One of these people was JohntheOther

Johntheother is the last MRA I speak of in the video. I finally came to a point where I realized that he would never be able to accept me as a feminist because I didn't meet his bigoted view of what a feminist was. In fact, he insulted me greatly by saying that people like DianaBoston were real feminists and I was not. I broke off the friendship.

Well, now someone (I don't know who but I have a few guesses) is trying to smear me in the comment section of a PZ Myers blog post entitled
John Hembling, aka JohntheOther, slimy psycho MRA

Well levanahsahar, I don't know who you are but here is what I have to say to you in response to your attempt to poison wells against me and sex worker's rights advocates in general.

I am not ashamed of caring about men.

I am not ashamed of giving someone others tried to turn me against before I even knew him a chance.

I am not ashamed of my insistence on thinking for myself and forming my own opinions about individuals or groups of people.

I; a feminist, am not ashamed to say that YES I see that men are oppressed to in their own ways and that I care about that.

I am not ashamed of being a former sex worker.

I am not ashamed of being a sex-positive feminist.

I am not ashamed to know and care about prostitutes or that I respect them and their decisions.

I am not ashamed that my best friend is a prostitute. (Something I wrote a little song about here:

Finally, I am not ashamed that I am NOT a bitter, sanctimonious, anti-porn, bigoted, control freak who will take any opportunity to smear someone I have a personal vendetta against. So flip on the oven and grab yourself some ketchup because you'll be eating these alone.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On a Spoken Word Kick

I've kinda been on a spoken word kick lately. I really don't know what has gotten into me. I've had crazy bouts of creativity with various things that slowly fizzle away. I remember being on a drawing kick in my early 20's but haven't been able to find that in myself again since. I also went through a small period of painting. Oh well. I'll squeeze all I can out of this. Maybe this one will stick.

This one entitled, "You & Your So Called Freedoms" was inspired by someone I happened to be sharing internet space with when they said,
"illegals are a threat to our freedoms."
Of course; as a Mexica woman, I recognized this for what it was right away.

This one is about the street harassment every woman has to put up with at some time in her life.

Well when it rains it pours. Next, I was inspired to write about "Modern Female Sexual Frustration."

This one has definitely been the been the closest to my heart. I learned a little about myself and what it is about feminism that appeals to me.

This was actually the first one I wrote but wasn't sure about it till I uploaded the others. At one time sex workers were respected and their goddess; Ishtar, was loved. Will she ever reign again?