Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BEWARE OF AuntieDiana1969/SaelPalani/DianaBoston/Feminist Outlaw!

I feel compelled to document the slew of harassment I received on youtube by a user that goes by the Screen name SaelPalani/AuntieDiana1969/DianatheDefender (some call her DianaBoston)because I suspect I am not the first nor will I be the last to have to deal with her and her obsessive hatred and abuse.

This woman claims to be a Marxist, socialist, anti-porn feminist and has a blog called "FEMINIST OUTLAW" that she started shortly after targeting another youtuber by the screen name rosskay for wanting to leave the feminist group she was moderator of on YouTube.

In targeting this woman she made PRIVATE messages from her public which seems to be one of her favorite tactics and is indicative of her untrustworthy nature. During this time a YouTuber (Bihn) that was once Rosskay's boyfriend tried to step in and defend her. Though I don't agree with his tactics I can now see in hindsight how someone would be compelled to defend someone they once loved from the brutal cyber abuse this woman is capable of.

I must note that I was a new youtuber at this time and though Bihn tried to get me involved I made it clear to him in more than one PM (private message) that I didn't really know the people involved so didn't feel like it was my place to take a side. Since then he and I have had little to no contact though he has visited my BlogTV a time or two and has always been pleasant to me.

It is important to mention him because he went on a flag campaign (flagging a video is one of the ways in which youtube puts the responsibility of policing youtube content in the hands of the youtube community and is a controversial thing to do because it has been know to be abused in the past) against SaelPalani (then known as DianaBoston) and she lost her channel.

One of the people involved in this flag campaign was a youtuber named sommersonset who later outed him for it by making his PRIVATE messages public (again very untrustworthy) and he has since had a bad reputation for it. People tend to forget that sommersonset flagged videos as convenient.

The pro vs. anti debate on youtube had gotten very heated. I was aligned with the pro-sex worker's rights camp and Diana with the anti. BOTH sides were taking shots at each other. BOTH sides got personal in their attacks and to say anyone is blameless in the heated nature of the exchange would be disingenuous. I made a video confronting Diana on her abusive tone called "DianaBoston does not speak for feminism" because I felt that she was using feminism as an excuse to be abusive to others and it was giving feminism a bad name. One MRA even called her our (meaning feminists) queen and I could NOT let that misconception stand.

Since then she has HATED me and sought every opportunity to bring up the matter even when given no real reason to. Then:

-A male YouTuber she is quite fond of; in spite of his misogynistic tone and tactics, made a video accusing me of having a sock account under the user name "templedancer."

-Then SaelPalani unleashed a slew of videos obsessively trying to prove that that account belonged to me. The videos where:

*"Divinity's Purpose on YouTube"
(In this video she basically makes a big deal out of her belief that the templedancer account belonged to if she had never had a sock account in her life.)

*"Let's Switch Each Other's Profile Pics Instead of Admitting Divinity IS a TROLL." (She made this one because at first my friends and I thought her making such a big deal about it was funny and we switched our profile pictures around as a joke. Little did we realize how devoid of any kind of sense of humor this woman is.)

*"Rightful Anger At The Right Person(s)"
(In this video she tries to explain her her anger away and accuses me of being a "bully." IRONY FTW! In this video she also accuses me of have 2 MORE sock accounts. Paranoid much?)

*"What I Left Out; Purposely. Divinity=CAUGHT " (At this point her obsessiveness was getting a little creepy.)

*"To Feminists Who Will Be Affected"
(In this video she apologizes to the imaginary sock accounts and tries to make nice.)

*Then at this point she made a video originally entitled "Putting the Coffin in the Ground." In this video she turned her camera on her own computer and shows the city I live in. Information I had NEVER shared on youtube. At this point I get freaked out by her obsessiveness and contempt for my safety as well as the language and tone of her title. In the low bar she even stated that anyone who didn't believe her should be shot. At this point I called the police and filed a cyber bullying and harassment reports. I also filed a report with YouTube via the "Help & Safety tools." I then made the following video.

Diana's doc dropping video was taken down (doc dropping is a term used on youtube that means someones personal information was given out.) She then moved to her backup channel AuntieDiana1969 and reuploaded the video and even made two videos asking others to "mirror" the video not caring for one second that that video put another woman's safety at risk...SOME FEMINIST SHE IS!

*"False Flagged on The Video Exposing Divinity.mp4"

*"Please Mirror Mah Vid♥"

At this point I reported this video AGAIN via the "Help and Safety Tools" not realizing that when docs are dropped you have to file a report with ANOTHER section of YouTube.

*"I Will NOT Be Bullied Into Silence" In classic sociopathic form she makes this video claiming that I was the one bullying HER. (Here's where the lies start to get out of hand. At this point it is beyond some B.S. sock account and all about smearing my name entirely.

I had also felt the need to let people know why I called the police so they could fully understand that Diana was in fact using the stigma of "whore" as a tool of intimidation by trying to silence me by compromising my safety.

*"Divinity and Binh Working Together" (In this video Diana really reaches and tries to piggy back me onto Bihn for his bad reputation as a false flagger to drag my name through the dirt.)

*"Zaimoren Suspended For Mirroring My Vid (I Think It Was My Vid)" This video is very important and this is why...

*"Ms Espejismo is Not Me" In this video she claims that MsEspejismo is real and is her girlfriend. But several youtubers including myself and BobChaos23 suspect otherwise. In the comment section of this video MsE threatened to reveal my phone #. I suspect MsE is really Diana.

Around this same time xxxild also came out with this video letting eveyone on youtube know exactly what we've been putting up with from these people.

*"The Truth Has Set Me Free part 1"

*"The Truth Has Set Me Free part 2"
(In part 2 she makes known her true intent when she publicly admits she is dropping my docs as blackmail to get me to take down every video I've ever made about her.)

*"I Won't Negotiate With a Bully & Gaslighters" (In this video she makes it know that she has copied 4 of my BlogTVs and posted one to her blog.)

-At this point even the other anti-porn feminists could see things had gone to far. Owleyes777 made this video and I have to admit it shocked me. Her and Diana have been friends for sometime and I know she got a lot of heat for it. Thank you Owleyes777!

-I HAD HAD ENOUGH! I released this video appealing to YouTube for it support and support I got! At least 25 people mirrored my video and the message saturated youtube.

*"Divinity= Thetempledancer imposter account to garner personal information" Diana uploads a edited version of the video dropping my docs.

*"I am standing up to a bully. NO MORE." Oddly, Diana released this video before the one I list above. It is an exact duplicate of my video "Further Action."

*"Thank You For the Truth DreamedBlue" (In a pathetic attempt to save face after being exposed for the liar and manipulator she is, Diana claims she took the video dropping my docs down by choice. As the above video "No End to Diana's lies" proves...she's of course LYING! AGAIN!......figures.

My final video on the matter calling for some sort of calm.

So, the point of this blog post is... I am not the first one to be the target of this obsessive and sociopathic cyber stalker/harasser AND I PROBABLY WON'T BE THE LAST! In 11 days she made 17 videos about me bent on compromising my safety and smearing my name (and she continues to make more).....because I stood up to her.

This blog is a PSA to anyone who may come in contact with this abusive and crazy woman. She has even gone so far as to accuse ME (a heterosexual woman)of sexually harassing her in the last three paragraphs of a blog post she wrote. There is nothing this woman will not say and when she sets her sights on you she is relentless.

DON'T trust her with your personal information!

DON'T say anything to her in a PM you wouldn't want publicly revealed!

Don't let your guard down with her because she is bent on controlling everyone in her environment and if she can't she will hurt you!



Update Video 2 months later-One womans obsession

Full playlist of videos Diana has made about me

Though Diana almost stopped making videos about me she has taken to obsessively commenting to me in the most vile ways. I have never heard a grown woman say the things she does and don't care to repeat it. I have had enough of the bullshit from the anti-porn feminists on YouTube and don't want to pollute my channel with the smell of it anymore so I opened another channel just for the purpose of dealing with them called FeministObsession1.

So far the most important video I have made released on that channel is one called "In the beginning..." where I share the story of the events that led to the making of the "DianaBoston does not speak for Feminism" video.


  1. Oh, it's been broughten!:

    Blogger sucks.

  2. She is definitely a broad to be avoided! Too bad so many of us had to learn the hard way. Well, you have a lot of folks who support you, Div. May we all have a little peace now. :)

    SlĂ inte!


  3. I'd already had bad experiences with Diana Boston by the time I'd seen your channel. Based on my interactions with her on some of the earliest videos she'd made, I had already figured out what a thoroughly unpleasant, controlling person she was, but on YT more generally she was pretty hard to avoid if you made the rounds of the comments section. The amount of drama that woman has been involved with since I first encountered her is hardly surprising. She's drawn to it like a magnet.

    It seems pretty clear to me that she sees herself as a kind of queen of the YouTube feminist community and is out to destroy all challengers. I think PixieBiz quickly tired of the situation, and she focused on you very quickly.

    Anyway, hang in there. She's actually come away from this whole thing pretty damaged and I think her ability to get other people on her side when she wants to create drama is a good deal less than it once was. You've shown that you can stand up for yourself, as well as being able to make strong, positive videos that don't involve drama. Don't let idiots like Diana Boston stop you from doing that.

  4. As for Ms Espejismo, I think that this is a real person, who also blogs as Lechuza. I've seen enough back and forth between the two from last year on Diana's "Digital Dryad" blog and Lechuza's "Fire and Divinity" blog to say that much. OTOH, I think they share the Ms Espejismo account, as there are a lot of posts coming from it that sound just like they're coming from Diana, not to mention the false Spanish in at least a few of them.

  5. Speaking of Diana Boston coming out damaged by all this:

    (BTW, I recommend using a URL shortner if you want to avoid direct trackbacks from her blog, and the direct URL if you do want that backlink.)

  6. Just thought about dropping a line to signal my support. I'm sorry you had to go through such a hassle, Divinity, and I hope your blog post here will help others avoid it from this individual.

  7. Thank all of you for your support. I refuse to let her distract me from my cause!