Saturday, August 28, 2010

STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH: Sweden Does NOT Support Harm Reduction

A Swedish Radio interview of various Swedish political leaders revealed a truth about the Swedish Government that Sex worker right's advocates and organizations have know all along. The "Swedish Model" is about abolition and cares NOTHING about harm reduction!

Some of the outrageous positions the Swedish Government holds are:
"'s totally strange to think about harm reduction because that would be accepting prostitution and that would be as crazy as accepting rape."

When asked about what plans there were for social measures to improve the conditions for sex workers Sweden's chancellor of justice Anna Scarhead stated:
Scarhead: "We don't work with harm reduction in Sweden...because that's not the way Sweden looks at this. We look upon it that this is a BAN on prostitution. There should be no prostitution and what we work with is to try and MAKE people who do this...not do it anymore."

This is backed up by most out reach centers offering only counseling and encouragement to get out of prostitution. Most sex workers that refuse are denied access to condoms as well as advice on health and safety. One Radical Feminist on youtube made her position on this clear when she left this comment:

"Giving out condoms only promotes prostitution. As the Swedish Chancellor of Justice said, the purpose is not harm reduction but to make people stop. And any harms to prostitutes will help encourage them to stop aiding and abetting the patriarchy.

The target isn't the wimmin. The target is MEN and the patriarchy they impose on disadvantaged wimmin. What's needed in Sweden and everywhere is putting men in JAIL long-term for turning wimmin's bodies to consumer commodities"

So Sweden claims the moral high ground by not officially punishing prostitutes because they claim they see them as victims but what of the sex workers who are NOT victims? By denying them access to condoms they not only put these sex workers at a higher risk for STI's but their clients as well. In turn these clients could go home and infect their spouses. If a husband infects his wife with HIV/AIDS; for instance, and that woman gets pregnant before either of them know they have it...what of that child?


This to me seems a barbaric way to run a Government.

I have heard so many Radical Feminists go on and on about how the Swedish Model Report (put out by the bias Swedish Government) was supposedly a "success." Given how openly they declare their complete disregard for the safety and opinions of sex workers who choose the work freely, I have to ask:

-What does this "success" mean?

-Successful for WHO?

-And successful at what cost?

If it doesn't make you are not thinking.


  1. Great post, Div! It's so frustrating that too many feminists just don't bother to do the research, meanwhile they screech that nobody else is doing any. What they really want is for people to just take their shoddy research at face value but to ignore anything that counters it. Shameful. It leads to real suffering for real women - the very people these Authoritarian Feminist Abolitionists claim to care so much about.

    And I'm so glad you've joined this fight, you're a warrior for them to fear!

  2. @feministwhore Thanks FW. Coming from you that means a lot.