Sunday, August 22, 2010

Donna M Hughes the WHOLE Truth

Donna M Hughes is a prominent abolitionist feminist who has spent many years on the forefront of the anti-prostitution movement. In the first part of this video I show the connection between Donna M. Hughes and The United Nations using a UN report entitled UNITED NATIONS EXPERT GROUP MEETING ON INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT. I then discuss the inconsistencies in the claims of human trafficking and the actual findings in the UK by sharing a blog post by Stephen Paterson called UK human trafficking claims are false in 68% of cases, says UKHTC report. I finish it off with a reading from a book entitled Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered by Kamala Kempadoo. The introduction to the book states:

This book documents trafficking not as the enslavement of women, but as the trade and exploitation of labor under conditions of coercion and force, analyzed from the lives, agency, and rights of women and men who are involved in a variety of activities in a transnationalized world. The writings-all by intellectuals who have worked closely with trafficked persons, sex workers, and women's empowerment groups-shed light on everyday circumstances, popular discourses, national ploicies, and grassroots struggles for change.

This book is very powerful and informative and I suggest anyone wanting a well rounded understanding of human trafficking look into it. I got mine on It was so marked up with highlighter (I bought it used) that I could tell the person who had it before me loved it as much as I do.

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