Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adding to the focus of this blog.

When I started this blog I intended it to be a place I could share the things about my womanhood that may have violated the terms of service on youtube. I still intend to do this once in a while but more and more, I feel the need to do my own writing. I feel the need to share thoughts with the world that may not be video material or just small critiques on things I am learning about from day to day.

Since I started my channel on youtube I have learned so much. My original intent for my channel was to be an advice channel for strippers. I spent about 10 years off and on as a dancer and still work in a bar to this day. I find myself noticing many common mistakes dancers make. My unique perspective from with in the industry gives me not only first hand knowledge but a sense of empathy for these girls that many do not have.

Though I still intend to use my channel for this my focus has changed. I wasn't counting on meeting so many sex workers advocates like:

FeministWhore who also has an awesome blog and a keen ability to deconstruct the many laws and organizations attempting to squash sex workers rights and silence us.

YeOldeHeretic is actually a channel used by three sex workers advocates: Laurel, Aymi, and Dreamedblue. All have been involved in the fight for sex workers rights for some time and I have found them a valuable source of information and support.

iamcuriousblue who is such a wealth of information you would think he was a sex worker but he's not. I think we consider him an HONORARY sex worker. He also has a blog and I suggest everyone check it out.

And so many more.

I think the thing that has been the biggest shock for me is how hateful, hurtful, slut shaming, vitriolic and willfully ignorant I have found many anti-porn feminists to be. I had no idea feminism had been so tainted by their hate. No wonder feminism has such a bad reputation for being hateful man bashing. Well; much to their chagrin, I AM a sex positive feminist and I am not going away.

So that's it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you will leave a comment and come back.



  1. Your dilema is the reason I've had so many YouTube channels across the years. I start out with a certain intent but then, due to my interactions with others and various other factors, my intent changes. People see it as inconsistent but in truth, I'm just changing my content as I feel I need to.

    I said this to you before but it's worth repeating, if it wasn't for the videos you have made on the subject of feminism I would have just dismissed the entirety of feminism because my only experience with feminists before you came along was with the hateful ones you describe in your post. Having said that I'd love to hear your thoughts on all kinds of subjects.

    I would strongly recommend getting a website to anyone. Not only can you produce any kind of content you want but most importantly you are free of the threat of having your voice silenced by false flaggers and the like. Getting a website was one of the best decisions I ever made and if I can afford to maintain one then frankly, anyone can. While we're on the subject I have been lazy and my website needs updating to fit in with my current focus. When I do this you will be amongst the first whose blogs and channels I will promote. We might be focussed in entirely different areas, but we share a rare integrity and that's what matters.

  2. @David Mcmurdo... Thanks you David. That means more to me than I think you realize. I'm pretty small time right now but I may consider getting a website in the future. I would actually like to start one for all the youtube sex workers right's advocates.

    Much Respect