Thursday, September 2, 2010

Human Trafficking You DON'T Hear About: Tom Delay and the Northern Marianas

Being a Sex Workers Right's Advocate is not just about asserting that: women can and DO choose to be in the sex industry, they're right to say yes is just as important as they're right to say no and that they should NOT be punished if they do. It's also about calling attention to the kind of human trafficking you DON'T hear about...Labor Trafficking!


I'm only venturing a guess but I think it could be for the same reason many S.W.R.A.'s (Sex Worker's Rights Advocates) grumble about radical, abolitionist, feminists working with the religious right. Corporate greed prettied up with righteous, religious language!

In this video uploaded to YouTube by FeministWhore called "Delay and the Northern Marianas," proof is given to support this assertion.

I am doing a piece on this now because when she uploaded it we were both pretty new to YouTube and it didn't get as much exposure as it deserves.

FeministWhore has been my mentor in all of this and just about everything I know and any exposure I get is because she has VERY patiently guided me. I can't count the number of times I have said the words
"F.W. how do I...?" or "F.W. where do I find...?"
& sat there on "the skype" giggling (sometimes not so secretly) listening to her try to explain something to me while she chants her mantra

Anyone who follows my work needs to be following hers. If they do they will see...I am the peas and she is the steak. Her blog is filled with information I haven't even begun to learn yet...but I'm workin on it.

Thanks F.W.

Keep up the good work!

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  1. This is a really important story too:

    Seized: Inside the Brutal World of America's Kidnapping Capital

    This is the kind of horror that gets overlooked when human trafficking is treated as synonymous with the sex industry.