Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Degrade a Sex Worker

On Sept. 2, 2010 Monica Shores of Spread Magazine did a very even tempered blog post for the Ms.Blog entitled How to Respect Sex Workers.

In this post she makes and elaberates on the following suggestions for having a healthy dialogue with Sex Workers Right's Advocates/Activists.
1-Don’t diminish or mock sex workers’ agency.

2-Don’t assume your problems with the sex industry are the industry’s only problems.

3-Use language with care.

4-Educate yourself.
Inspired by the polite tone of this blog and a hope for peace with the Anti-Porn feminists I happen to share space with on YouTube I made the following video...

Being that I have heard more than one Anti-Porn feminist express a desire for "a healthy dialogue" you would expect this blog post and my efforts to reach out respectfully to be received with a modicum of consideration...and you would be wrong!

In this video made by the commonly know Anti-Porn YouTube feminist iremythpurr not only does she reference me by name but she proceeds to mock my comments on this blog post and many things about me that have no relevance what so ever.

This is just one example of how the "antis" take every well meaning gesture and twist it to not only sow more division within the feminist community but to character assassinate as well.

If you watch it on YouTube you will notice the comment section is full of unwarranted personal attacks and misrepresentations of my positions. One commenter even said:
"That woman has ZERO class. She's a bull in a feminist china shoppe."
another said:
"dick in ya ear is agency! i'm not a "victim" feminist but I am a victim. gawd. i'm going to become an manger of a strip club and then become a "sex workers rights advocate" ie industry rights, not worker rights. muney muneeehhh munns."
Mocking the fact that I used to be a stripper and have since embrace a position of authority in hopes of making the bar more sex worker considerate. But of course, it's easy to mock when you have nothing personally invested in the well being of women you don't even respect.


  1. Dawwww....... you went to a blog and disrespected a bunch of radical feminists by calling them "antis" which you've labelled the youtube radfems without their consent and now you're sad in your pants because I mocked you for it amongst your other silliness? Poor Divinity. Always persecuted.

  2. Stop projecting your damaged shit all onto everybody else, Nukey poo. You're the one who's constantly cramming your victimhood down everyone else's throats, not Divinity. Until you can make proper, fact-based, legitimately sourced arguments, shut the fuck up. Just shut up. We're all tired of your whiny, passive-aggressive, mealy-mouthed wannabe everything (Marxist, feminist, non-monogamous) everything. By trying to be everything you're showing yourself for exactly what you are: someone desperate to be accepted, no matter what it takes. You like to think of yourself as special - something your beliefs can and *should* contradict. There's no such thing as "special" or "individual" in Marxism, you stupid cow! Socialism puts COMMUNITY thought and need over INDIVIDUAL thought and need.

    GO READ and actually, finally come to understand what the fuck it is you THINK you represent and stop talking out of your ass. You are an embarrassment to true feminists, true socialists and real sensitive and empathetic human beings everywhere.

  3. @bolshevikchick

    Well iremythuprr...since you followed me to my blog to peruse further communication with me I will respond to that.

    The video I made was very even tempered and of a respectful tone.

    You could have taken advantage of that opportunity and responded in the same polite tone making your boundaries and preferences clear, too.

    Instead you took advantage of the opportunity to ridicule and insult me.

    If you want peace prove it. We will see what you do next.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. Looks like Terri has her undies in a bunch about the label "antis". Actually, that's a very old label used by those of us opposed to the anti-porn/anti-prostitution/anti-trans/anti-BDSM etc movement. They're pretty much "anti" anything sexual not approved of by their incredibly narrow political ideology, so "anti" is a fitting label, and a hell of a lot less of a mouthful than describing all the things they're "anti".

    Apparently, poor Terri is upset because this was done without their consent, because apparently, in her imagination, this is one of the many places where we need permission to respond to or criticize them.

    The fact that Terri finds the Ms article distasteful is pretty simple – she is all about the politics of domination and destruction of anybody who disagrees with her grand ideology. Respectful dialogue? Its like expecting respectful dialogue from Fred Phelps.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for covering this article. At this point I have come to think that those who truly mean well and want to help will get it.

    I see that one of our friends that doesn't get it has come by to show you some bloggy luv. How sweet.



  6. Hi! Indeed, looking at bolshevikchick (and communist? how anachronistic...), I can see what you're talking about. Self-righteousness, and no desire to engage: just an opinion about you and your opinions that is as soundproof and cognitively closed as it is incorrect.

    I have nothing IN PRINCIPLE against any person who wants to defend an idea, or to discuss the theoretical presuppositions of these ideas. I have engaged sometimes with both radfems and antifems (the extreme MRA types -- like TheHappyMisogynist in YouTube) and they are both very similar: full of certainties, without nuances, and with a very shallow understanding of the theoretical points that they want to make.

    Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan would sigh and wonder what went wrong. I think I know (at least in part) what went wrong with academic/radical feminism... (the same as with most forms of idealistic activism) But that's a topic for a much longer comment in some other context. Here and now, I just want to signal my support for you, Divinity / Medusa's Arrow.

  7. @Asehpe

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Always love it when I get a new commenter.

  8. You're welcome! You're a very thoughtful person, you have first-hand experience with what you're talking about, and you aren't trying to disrespect or demean anyone. Plus, you're talking about a topic I actually find very interesting: sex work (as part of my own personal reflections on the role of sex in society, and what a gender-equalitarian society would really be like). It's a pleasure to come here.