Sunday, September 5, 2010

Craigslist: A Poorly Thought Out Solution

The Sexual Services Section of Craigslist has been closed. All is right in the world...right. Or is it?

Those who made the push to have it removed claimed that Craigslist was a catalog where anyone could find underage prostitutes and trafficked persons being exploited sexually. But do they not realize that worked in favor of those people trying to find and help them just as much as anyone else? In the following video you see how police use these online websites like Craigslist to find girls that need their help:

Another problem I have with this is that prostitutes that once used the site to conduct their business in a way that is safer for them now have to face having to go back into street prostitution which is 10 times more dangerous. In my video "Craigslist" below I make my concerns known.

Already I have received many comments from people who feel the same way I do and even a very provocative video response from johntheother entitled "Damage Keeps The Money Flowing" where he discusses his theory on what he calls the "Victim Industrial Complex."

I'm willing to bet money that NO ONE involved in making this decision consulted a Sex Worker Advocate of any kind. Everyday it becomes clearer and clearer to me that those of us who believe in this cause must band together and fight for our voices to be heard. It is obvious to me now that those fighting against the sex industry care nothing for the safety of those they claim to care about and must be exposed for who and what they are! We must not allow our stories to be exploited by those who just want to use us to further their agenda!

There are only three very active Sex Workers Right's on YouTube:


and two that chime in once in a while



But we need more! More advocates...more supporters...more ears hearing our message! But our voices are getting louder. Our resolve STRONGER!

Update 4-1-11 dynamiteruby is now at thecryptqueen


  1. Excellent post! It's so true, at least it sure as shit seems true to me, that they don't give a fuck about the very people they say they do... it's like they actively want to actually punish the "loose women" out there - and the men too, argh!

    I wrote about this a while back :

  2. On the warpath again I see. Thanks for the recent video. BTW, I was "adams" on the kinkontap chat you were on yesterday. Here's the thing about polite discourse w/r/t these topics: It's fine, but ultimately, we are talking about people who want to throw you in jail (and we know what happens to people who resist arrest) for engaging in consenting acts with other people. Seriously, how long can such a discussion go without escalating? Their moral premise is clear: man has no right to exist by his own mind or for his own sake. Sure, people (including sex workers) will do things they may later regret, but whose life is it anyway?