Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craigslist Petition-It's ABSOLUTELY About Freedom of Speech

Want to get proactive about this Craigslist thing? Watch this video to learn how.

The Petition Reads:

End Human Trafficking- Support Sexworker Self-Efficacy
We support self-efficacy and harm reduction by sex workers, and oppose the scapegoating of Craigslist for posting "Adult Services" ads. We share the goals of the craigslist opponents to end human trafficking, forced prostitution, and child exploitation, but know that driving the sex trade more underground accomplishes just the opposite.

"Adult services" encompasses a range of activity. Advertising those services is not illegal, and indeed, if there was legal cause, it would have been forced to close long ago. The reason there is not legal cause is that such a broad ban would limit constitutional rights.

The paternalism of some of the groups opposed to Adult Services ads is sadly over-generalized to fully-empowered women and men who choose to independently market erotic services. Those who exploit children and traffic in human lives merely win competitive advantage when independent providers are driven into the shadows.

Let us work together to end violence towards sex workers and let them speak for themselves.

Below you will find three links.

The first is to the supposed “scientific study” on which the push to close the adult services section of craigslist was built. This study is full of misleading information. Please examine it for yourself.

The second is to the petition.

You may not believe this issue effects you but freedom of speech effects everyone. If it can be successfully taken away based on faulty unscientific research this sets a dangerous president that could someday directly effect you or those you care about.

The last is a Directory of the United States Representatives for your convenience.

Please support freedom of speech.

Please sign this petition.

Thank you.

1. The "Scientific" Study

2. The Petition

3. Directory to Your Local Representatives

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