Friday, March 23, 2012

Antis Smearing Me PZ Myers Thread

When I came to youtube I didn't know nearly as much about feminism as I thought I did and; of course, I had never heard of the men's rights movement. I knew that men faced injustice of their own and made a video giving my thoughts on it early on called, "How does the patriarchy oppress men?"

It was around this time that I met an anti-porn feminist who turned out to be EXTREMELY racist that went by the screen name DianaBoston. She went on and on about how horrible the MRAs where but honestly she went on and on about a lot. Well, I am a Humanist first and a feminist second so I figured if there were men who were being oppressed I wanted to know about it. We as women share this world with them. They are our brothers, fathers, lovers and friends. It is in this spirit that I set out to find out what it was all about.

I befriended a couple and speak about that in great detail in the video just below. Basically, I gave them a chance and they didn't give me a chance. I went into those friendships with them as MRAs only to find that when I did not meet their bigoted view of what a feminist was they would just deny that I was one. I found this extremely insulting and broke off those friendships. One of these people was JohntheOther

Johntheother is the last MRA I speak of in the video. I finally came to a point where I realized that he would never be able to accept me as a feminist because I didn't meet his bigoted view of what a feminist was. In fact, he insulted me greatly by saying that people like DianaBoston were real feminists and I was not. I broke off the friendship.

Well, now someone (I don't know who but I have a few guesses) is trying to smear me in the comment section of a PZ Myers blog post entitled
John Hembling, aka JohntheOther, slimy psycho MRA

Well levanahsahar, I don't know who you are but here is what I have to say to you in response to your attempt to poison wells against me and sex worker's rights advocates in general.

I am not ashamed of caring about men.

I am not ashamed of giving someone others tried to turn me against before I even knew him a chance.

I am not ashamed of my insistence on thinking for myself and forming my own opinions about individuals or groups of people.

I; a feminist, am not ashamed to say that YES I see that men are oppressed to in their own ways and that I care about that.

I am not ashamed of being a former sex worker.

I am not ashamed of being a sex-positive feminist.

I am not ashamed to know and care about prostitutes or that I respect them and their decisions.

I am not ashamed that my best friend is a prostitute. (Something I wrote a little song about here:

Finally, I am not ashamed that I am NOT a bitter, sanctimonious, anti-porn, bigoted, control freak who will take any opportunity to smear someone I have a personal vendetta against. So flip on the oven and grab yourself some ketchup because you'll be eating these alone.


  1. excellent response to the bully brigade on their mighty atheist rational freethought throne. these people who allow this to go uncontested are none of these things. they allow fundamentalist feminism into their homes.

  2. Levanadiana, or whoever that was, got talked back to by someone there. She was told that it's not ok to rape sex workers or something to that effect. Levanaboston never came back. I was quite pleasantly surprised actually, since most of the pharyngula denizens are antis in regards to sex work.

    I did a search, and it seems Levancouverdiana seems to have only registered there to make that one single comment about you.

    What's funny is, even the pharyngulites don't want her. :)

  3. Looks like you got my tweet on that. That really irked me, and its to the point where I'm pretty irked at PZ Myers too. He never actually chimes in agreement at comments like that from Skeptifem or from above Diana sock account, but he never says a word of disagreement either.

    I don't know exactly where PZ Myers stands on a lot of these issues (sex work, etc), but I do think some of his commentators are some of the very worst. They seem to be some of the same nasty "mob" that hang around blogs like I Blame the Patriarchy and Pandagon.

    But not too pleased with him over the last few months in particular, as he seems to now be going after everybody who isn't towing the proper line on feminism and feminist issues. Particularly this attack on DJ Groethe for skepticism about "human trafficking" and related issues and claiming he has some larger problem with women:

    Which pisses me off on several levels. For one, I agree with Grothe on the in his comments about Krauss. Second, I'm a long-time listener to Groethe's "Point of Inquiry" ( and I can't recommend it highly enough. It represents exactly the kind of well thought out rationalism and skepticism that represents the best of what the "rationalist community" can put out there. When I see a confirmed ideologue and tubthumper like Myers attacking Groethe, I know what side I'm taking. Myers seems to want to make the rationalist/atheist milieu an extension of the "feminist blogosphere", with all of its problematic politics and petty squabbles, and now he's attacking somebody who's been doing rationalism at its best? Fuck him, really.

    Double sad that Greta Christina has fallen into his orbit. I still like her blog a lot, but can't say I think too highly of some of the causes she's taken up since becoming part of it.

    I think one could make a case for allying rationalism and feminism, but unfortunately, Myers has tapped into the very worst and most irrational part of internet feminism and seems insistent on promoting that.

  4. Well said and said well, as per the usual.

    I wish I could be surprised at the way in which supposed "rational atheists" and so-called "liberals" can twist themselves to defend sexual fascism and team up with the antis...but then again, nothing surprises me anymore.

    I posted a response to this BS over far, no responses, but we shall see.


  5. wouldn't surprise me any if this fool was simply DiBos swilling her usual dwama, either. I guess that trolling Booboo with drive-bys and shaming NuclearNight for being insufficiently pro-Israel isn't good enough anymore for her.


  6. Thanks for the comments guys. @~>~~