Thursday, March 1, 2012

On a Spoken Word Kick

I've kinda been on a spoken word kick lately. I really don't know what has gotten into me. I've had crazy bouts of creativity with various things that slowly fizzle away. I remember being on a drawing kick in my early 20's but haven't been able to find that in myself again since. I also went through a small period of painting. Oh well. I'll squeeze all I can out of this. Maybe this one will stick.

This one entitled, "You & Your So Called Freedoms" was inspired by someone I happened to be sharing internet space with when they said,
"illegals are a threat to our freedoms."
Of course; as a Mexica woman, I recognized this for what it was right away.

This one is about the street harassment every woman has to put up with at some time in her life.

Well when it rains it pours. Next, I was inspired to write about "Modern Female Sexual Frustration."

This one has definitely been the been the closest to my heart. I learned a little about myself and what it is about feminism that appeals to me.

This was actually the first one I wrote but wasn't sure about it till I uploaded the others. At one time sex workers were respected and their goddess; Ishtar, was loved. Will she ever reign again?

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