Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Truth About the Swedish Model Report

And the prostitution debate rages on. Many thought it was over with the release of “The Swedish Model Report” around July 2010. It simply couldn't say enough about the positive effects that the sex purchase law has had on Swedish society. So everybody packed up and went home.
Yea right!
As you will see in the video below, many interesting truths are now being revealed about the shady nature of the Swedish model report and thanks to Laura Agusin the world is hearing about it.

Laura Agustin posts:

Swedish report based on wrong Danish numbers for street prostitution

Skarhed admits scientific method was lacking in evaluation of Swedish law against buying sex

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  1. Who needs proof when you know you're right, eh? The greater good of ridding the world of unapproved sex outweighs any ethical concerns of how it's done, I guess.

    A lot of people are scared to scrutinize claims made by groups claiming to be in the best interest of women. They give these things some sort of automatic assumption of credibility.

    I'm shocked at the lack of properly done, unbiased real studies in the many anti-sexwork, radfem claims. And it's really nice to see your video to let people know that it's happening.