Friday, June 17, 2011

Shame Culture

What feminist worth their “Sex War” scares has NOT heard of “Raunch Culture?” As Ariel Levy; author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, put it on NPR:
“It's sort of this term I made up to describe what I see is the spread of the values and aesthetics of a “red light” district into mainstream culture....female chauvinist pigs are women who make sex objects of other women and of themselves...the women who really epitomize this are sex workers.”

Well if Ms. Levy; who seems to make a healthy living redirecting blame for female oppression from patriarchy to sex workers, can make up terms then so can I. How's this one...
”Shame Culture.”

“Shame Culture” is the culture of sexual shaming our hetero-patriarchal society has built around us as a tool of social control.

It is homophobia, Don't Ask Don't Tell (which has been repealed but not yet enacted), marriage inequality, same-sex attraction therapy, gay bashing, trans~misogyny and much more.

It is slut~shaming, victim blaming, “Raunch Culture,” anti~porn feminism, porn harms, whore hate, the Swedish model, criminalization of prostitution & talk of women “objectifying THEMSELVES.”

It is the “monogamy is the only acceptable relationship structure” belief and yes I think Mormons should be able to be married to as many people as they want through their church. I think Pagans should be able to practice their polyamory publicly too. Yes, Mormon compounds can be extremely oppressive for women. NEWS FLASH! If they didn't need to HIDE they wouldn't be unprotected on an isolated compound!

It is this RIDICULOUS idea many antis have that all forms of BDSM are oppressive to women (even if there's not a woman involved in the scene...long story) and that anyone who enjoys it is destined to be a serial killer. You know why you only hear about BDSM when someone mentions a serial killer. BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE INTO BDSM HAS TO HIDE IT!

It is talk of “family values” from politicians trying to get elected & Focus on the family; which should really be called “the nuclear family is the only family and all others must be STOPPED!”

It's abstinence only “education.”

It's every anti~abortion bill that has been introduced this year.

It's every anti~slut walk idiot that just doesn't get it.

It's Gail Dines, Melissa Farley, Donna M. Hugh, Porn Harms,Shelly Lubben and the lies they tell about trafficking.

It's non~secularism.

It's rape because rape isn't about pleasure it's about anger and rape is it's expression.

It's calling every sexual act you don't approve of “rape” even if all parties are consenting.

It's second guessing a woman when she says she does consent to and enjoys being a sex worker.

It's the belief that you can't rape a sex worker.

It's everyone who has a problem with a woman breast feeding her child in peace.

Did I mention Gail Dines?

It is the Achilles heal society imposes on all of us so that if we dare to express a sexuality that is not in lock step with everyone else's our works do not matter, our character does not matter, our courage, honesty and kindness do not matter. NOTHING MATTERS once we step outside of the very small “acceptable sexuality” box and dare to be different.

It's sex work stigma and the categorizing any woman who is a sex worker as nothing more then her job. i.e. “you would date 'a stripper?'”

Now, I know some people have a hard time imagining a society without these constrains so for those who would molest children unless society told them not to...I AM TALKING ABOUT CONSENTING, ADULT, HUMANS. Now take your slippery slop fallacy and go sit in the corner.

“Shame Culture” is all these things and more...and it the reason Anthony Wiener had to resign yesterday amid flashing lights and heckling from some Howard Stern show idiot. Here was a man who broke NO laws. Here was a man who fought for women's rights and planned parenthood tooth and nail. Here was a man the right actually FEARED & because he did something sexual our “Shame Culture” didn't approve of; with consenting, adult females, he had to resign and the entire Democratic Party threw him under the bus.

I guess you could say “Shame Culture” is also the reason I will never again call myself a Democrat because I am so disappointed by the weakness of the Democratic party in general but this Anthony Wiener thing was just the last straw. I'll be damn'd if I'll ever vote for a Republican but the Democrates are just too weak sauce for me and they are part of perpetuating “Shame Culture” too...
and can someone please tell Rachel Maddow it's “sex workers” NOT “hookers!”

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  1. Damn, I never heard Weiner's whole speech before. There's some pretty tasteless heckling going on.