Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monica Foster Finds Jesus & He Drives Her BATSHIT FUCKING INSANE!

I just found out that self titled "Christian Porn Star" Monica Foster went postal on adult industry veteran Julie Meadows on December 17 a la twitter. In her blog post about it Julie goes into greater detail on the whole affair but I am just going to post a few of Foster's tweets here with a few thoughts.

1. How original! Typical slut shaming tactic of calling Julie a "whore" keeping the stigmatization of sex workers alive and well and oppressive to us all.

2. Julie does drugs? I don't know if she does but so what if she did? I don't support the criminalization of drugs & I don't support this failed war on drugs that has made a war zone out of the Southern colonial imposed border of the U.S.

3. Let's say for argument sake they were drug addicts. Is Foster not aware that addiction is a disease? For Ms. Foster's information I am a drug addict and have been sober for 16 years and counting. Would Ms. Foster use any other disease against someone? If someone had cancer would Ms. Foster say, "Don't listen to so-n-so. SHE HAS CANCER?" FFS

4. He "pimps" her out? As far as I have seen, Doug has been a supportive and loving partner to Julie. This is the most common go to tactic when attacking a sex worker/former sex worker who speaks his or her mind about the pros and cons of the sex industry. The main purpose of this tactic is to separate that sex worker from their support system just like an abusive domestic partner who doesn't want you to talk to your own mother. Unsurprising that Foster is using it.

Ok, do I even really need to touch this one? They're "TERRORISTS?!?!?!?!" For real Monica? Is that what Jesus told you? Oh sweetie. I know that whole porn wikileaks thing was hard on you but you seriously need to step away from the keyboard honey. You're losing it and in the process you are attempting to appeal to some antisemitism you perceive exists in all of us. No honey, that's just you...and it's called racism. And before you try and go there, yes black people can be racist too. Next she's gonna tell us it's the ILLUMINATI.


Ummmmm, hmmmmm. The KKK AND Israelis having a "let's all unite through ALLLLLLL our differences to come after Monica-fest"...ummmmm.

Monica you truly are an agent for Jesus in this world. You have managed to do what no human has been able to do for like...ever. You got white supremacists and Jews to look past their differences and unite for the common good of the world.

Monica...maybe YOU'RE the second coming of Jesus. Have you ever thought of that? I think you should tell us about it. Go ahead hun. We're all listening.

Julie I hope you're reading this. I sincerely hope that if you choose to turn away from your work on sex industry issues it's not because of this religious, fundo-nut bag. If you need to do you girl I respect and support that 100%. BUT if MONICA is the final straw for you just take a break and come back with a clear head cause I guarantee you love; anyone can see she's a nut job.

IMO, you don't need to drive yourself nuts trying to do damage control for her bullshit about you. You don't need to spend time and money fighting her lies. You don't need to refute anything she says or pay any attention to her bullshit at all.

We see it. We know it.

(tweet from 2/9/12 as I was writing this post)

Now just move on with your life however you see fit leaving her far behind while she writes your name over and over on the walls of her room with her own feces.


  1. This is very strange stuff. Almost reminds me of the tangent by heavytrafficahead, only he wasn't *as paranoid.

    Hey, my first comment on your blog! :)

  2. I was under the opinion that the christian in question was just spouting your garden variety fundie nonsense, until the second set of quotes.

    I literally did a spit take when I saw the terrorist accusations.

  3. @xxxild YAY! Thanks for commenting. @~>~~

    @Sephie Maybe you should take up dipping XD

  4. Oh, NOW you decide to discover Coco Loco. :-p

    Div, you could have just asked me, since I have intimate knowledge of the idiocy of Sybil von Fostard and her multple personalites per week.

    A brief tour of the cracked mind that is Monica Foster can be found here:


  5. On the real, however...Julie Meadows had already essentially retired from doing porn a while ago, this latest harassment has led her to make the clean and total break officially.

    You can now find her blogging under her natural given name of Lydia Ann Lee:

    She still has the old "Julie Meadows" blog, but she no longer posts on her old profession, and she has also for protection closed down comments.


  6. @Anthony Thanks for all the info hun. I didn't even know there was something to ask about till I saw Julie's tweet that she was done. I don't pay much attention to the porn battle front of the whole sex work wars. I got enough going with the prostitution issue but to find out that one of our flanks needs back up...well, I'm all about it. That bitch has gone crazy!

  7. Who the FUCK is Monica Foster? Christian porn star? Right, and I'm a Christian Atheist. LOL Looking at her she is obviously not homeless, seems educated and even semi-attractive. KKK? i get the opinion her dipstick doesn't go all the way into her oil pan. Just sayin'.

  8. KKK working with Israeli terrorists? That's about as believable as the radfems working with the religious right. Oh wait...


    How long before the Reptilians from planet Niburu send the men in black to shut her website down. Off the deep end she is. Or is she just off?

    I suspect somebody is doing "The Drugs"
    (and it's not Julie Meadows)

  10. Sounds like Monica went a head and put tinfoil on her head to block out the Jewish Space Lizards.

    - The Great Nagneto!