Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Displays His Lack Of Understanding PERFECTLY:

I think Salon said it best.
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's "real men don't buy girls" PSAs are filled with stars -- and zero substance

As if filling the very real issue of human trafficking with disinformation & conflations; muddying the issue in the process, wasn't bad enough! Now we have celebrities who barely know what they're talking about making a BIG joke out of the issue!

Beware all who try to tell one of these celebrities they need to go back and do a little homework. As highly respected immigrants & sex workers right's advocate Laura Agustin found out when Mira Sorvino compared her to a holocaust denier, they don't know much about debate either. Ad homs like that serve nothing but their own egos.

Can we have someone who actually cares too much about the victims of trafficking to use the issue as an excuse to self stroke on the field?

As I found out when I thumbed up their facebook page in order to engage some of their frequenters in debate, their fans can be just as ferocious as they are.

Here's the thing: I was really worried about such celebrity power being thrown behind the disinformationists. Everyday there are new sites popping up making fallacious claims like traffick911 that claimed as many as 100,000 trafficked women and children would be trafficked into the DFW area for the Super Bowl. You won't find much of that propaganda still up though. The site that was sick with it just before the Super Bowl, now seems to be conspicuously absent of it. Must be because the whole thing was exposed as a HOAX!

With all this disinformation and only a handful of sex workers right's advocates to refute it, it's no wonder a girl can get stressed. The good news it, after Ashton & Demi are done with it our work should be a lot easier. Someone please tell the real victims of human trafficking to be patient. The celebrities and politicians should be done making themselves feel better at their expense any day now...


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  1. It's such an emotional issue that most people won't make themselves think. They jump right to punishment, whether it's the best prevention or not.