Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Gotta Get It Off My Chest

With all the research I've been doing on BP before and after the spill as well as the hold big oil has on our political system I gotta say, I'm depressed. I don't really do blogs on my personal feelings much but the weight of all this is just too much and I don't know who I can share this with or if anyone will even get it or care.

They just shit all over all of us...and all over our political system. What's worse? Our politicians just let them. Obama promised us change! He campaigned on an environmentally friendly platform! Yet only a year after the worst oil disaster this country has ever known they are issuing drilling permits AGAIN! Using the same defective blowout preventers AGAIN! Congress hasn't changed a single GOD DAMNED law to make this shit safer!

Meanwhile ocean life and people are dying and politicians have the blatant, balls out CONTEMPT for the sick and the dying...for the offices they were elected to hold, that they buy SUVs and laptops for themselves with the money!


I just can not BELIEVE all the shit I'm reading! All the shit I'm finding!

On top of it they are declaring financial marshal law in cities HERE! In the United States! Our democracy is a JOKE! I am so beside myself with this feeling of hopelessness that I actually broke down crying at my computer!



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