Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do As I Say~Not As I Do

I have to say I'm at a loss. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-R) ; Mr. Draconian budget cuts himself, actually collected Social Security until he was 18.

There has been so much focus on the Ryan bill would do to Medicare and Medicaid that Social Security has been largely ignored in all this. According to Campaign For America's Future:
"Ryan would free up Social Security for fast-track cuts by turning it into a regular line budget item. Since Social Security is not part of the general budget, has its own revenue stream, and is forbidden by law from borrowing, it has always been dealt with separately from the rest of the budget. In fact, Ryan had to create a new fast-track process to trigger cuts for Social Security alone, because by law, it is excluded from fast-track reconciliation procedures for the general budget."

Do I need to go there? Yea, I think I will...I bet daddy would be proud.

If you would like to let Ryan's office know of your disapproval of this hypocrisy here's the contact info:


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